About Longquan

Enterprise Culture

Longquan shares

Top 10 Enterprises of Prestressed Steel Cylinder Concrete Pipe/Top 500 Building Materials Enterprises in China/Backbone Supply Enterprise of High-end Metal Pipe Fittings

Core of Enterprise Culture

Take the right path, be responsible, have someone else in your heart

Corporate Vision

Create excellent pipe brand, the achievement of outstanding Longquan people

Management Concept

People-oriented, do nothing

Four on time.

Pay wages on time; pay taxes on time.
Pay bank loans and interest on time; pay suppliers on time.


Enterprise Mission

To provide customers with quality services, "tube" to protect a better life

Enterprise Purpose

User first, reputation first

Three does not hurt.

No harm to employee interests

No harm to customer interests

No harm to the interests of suppliers

Service Guidelines

Real Material Lean Manufacturing
On-time delivery of professional services


Enterprise culture